Amigo® Ripstop Hoody Pony

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  • 110cm
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Our Amigo® Ripstop Hoody Pony (0g Lite) rug protects your pony from summer skin irritations and damaging UV rays in one stylish, lightweight, breathable design. Celebrating key features of our horse-sized version, scaled down and cut to fit your pony perfectly! The integrated hood offers close contact protection. For ponies that like to keep on the move, our unique disc-front closure prevents rubbing and the adjustable dual crossed surcingles provide a tailored and secure fit.

We've incorporated our unique front leg arches so your pony can stretch and flex freely, and our generous tail flap offers additional coverage. The shine enhancing mane, shoulder and tail flap help reduce friction. Finished with a wipe-clean tail cord to help keep this stylish fly rug low maintenance and looking good.

An up-to-date rug, compatible with the Horseware® range of liners, gives you the flexibility to upgrade to an added waterproof layer when required. Mighty pony power in the form of a versatile, quality rug!

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