Air Cooled Super Lite Carbon Tech Eventing/Racing Boots

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Product Description

Made from lightweight Carbon Tech microfibre leather, they are favoured by racehorse trainers who require superior lightweight protection and also by eventers who prefer to use lighter boots. An ideal horse boot for protection over solid jumping fences.How do Air Cooled Eventing Boots work? As the horse gallops air passes through the front vents, circulates and exits out of the side vents. This process allows a constant stream of cold air to pass through over the tendons, keeping them cool.Carbon Tech Microfibre leather is stronger than real leather, stretches and moulds to the horse's leg and retains its original shape. It has the advantage of being lighter but offering greater protection and the good news is that it is fully machine washable and has excellent durability.Front Eventing Boots: Less sculpted around the fetlock than other boots in our 'Air Cooled' range in order to decrease weight. A strike guard runs down the back of the boot protecting the important tendons and ligaments from knocks and over reach injuries. 6 air vents allow a constant stream of air to pass through the boots whilst the horse is in action.Patented Air-Cooling technology patent numbers GB2407777 and GB2394666

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