Equiclean (kõõmavastane šampoon)

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Special equine dandruff shampoo for sensitive skin.
The ideal care for oily and dandruff-prone skin. It supports the natural functions of the skin and hair follicles and gently promotes self-regulation. It has a fast and lasting regenerative effect on "show manes" that are stressed and brittle as a result of frequent plaiting.
- Organic anti-dandruff sulphur and regulates the sebaceous glands.
- Olive leaf extracts, containing a high-dose oleuropein from olive leaves, a natural antioxidant with a calming effect on the skin that improves the natural structure of the coat and hair. Also effective in preventing skin irritation.
- Sulfonated castor oil keeps the coat and hair from becoming too dry.
It is perfume-free to avoid attracting flies and cause allergic reactions.